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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
Q: Is the Start-up Cost, $7.00, a one-time out-of-pocket expense?
A: YES, there is a ONE TIME out-of-pocket start up cost of only $7.00 for your initial product purchase. All other subsequent product purchases may be made from your re-entries - automatically.
Q: Do I need to refer (sponsor) others in order to earn commissions?
A: No, you are not required to refer others to earn commissions. However, we ask that YOU, as an entrepreneur, become pro-active in your quest for success.
Q: How do I earn the $100 over and over?
A: The full total of $100 is earned with a completed 2 x3 Matrix Board. With that you earn re-entries back into the matrix. There is no limit to how many times this can happen and each re-entry represents a potential $100 in referral fees.
Q: Can I receive spillover?
A: Yes. If you receive spillover which qualifies someone in your downline, you will receive earnings depending on which level they're in. You can also create spillover for people in your Downline! 
Q. Which merchants do you provide?
A: At the moment we are accepting Bitcoin and GooglePayl, with GooglePayl you will be able to load funds with your debit or credit card. We will also issue commissions with these two merchants. With GooglrPay you will be able to load your commissions into your debit or credit card as well as your bank account. 
Q: What product or service do I receive for my purchase?
A: For your purchase, you will receive a complete Marketing System that you can use to build multiple streams of life-changing income. You will also receive Advertising Product Packages (Banner & Text) with advertising tax credits you can apply to your online advertising.
Q: Do you allow to purchase multiple positions?
A: Yes, you may purchase unlimited positions with the same username and email account.
Q: Can I purchase a Booster position if I was already in Buckleup ?
A: Yes, you may purchase unlimited Booster positions.